Hello and welcome! Honoring you as the expert in your life, we will collaborate together to return you back to your authentic self. Freedom in being your true self can feel expansive and liberating.

My Specialty
• Nutritional health for psychological mood and well-being
• Trauma Therapy and EMDR for accelerated healing
• Energy Healing and Life Coaching
• Transpersonal Psychotherapy: Mind/Body/Spirit

Nutritional health for psychological mood and well-being
When we meet, one of my interests is how you are feeling physically. I believe that a healthier body can help you take on your psychological journey with more ease. I will want to know how your sleep is, what your lifestyle and self care consists of, and how your general mood is.

Some of the areas in health I pay attention to is:
Adrenals- The adrenal glands are the primary stress organs of the body and many of us are overstressed. This can be from diet, lifestyle, over-training or even toxins in our bodies. Psychologically this may look like low motivation to follow through on projects and exercise, or you may describe yourself as a procrastinator.

Leaky Galt Syndrome- Increased permeability to the intestinal barrier is associated with many inflammatory conditions like Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and chronic pain. This may present as feeling flat, and depressed with flu-like symptoms.

Blood Sugar- When blood sugar is off, either from hypoglycemia or insulin resistance, you can feel agitated, nervous and easily upset, as well as have poor memory, blurred vision and fatigue after meals. Low blood sugar can create more anxiety and an inner feeling of urgency.

Brain Chemistry- Healthy and balanced brain chemistry is essential for every aspect of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. With our brain chemistry off, we can experience memory decline, our temperament getting worse or impatient, have lower attention span, and feel more depressed and flat than usual.

If we identify some potential body imbalances, we may discuss some diet and lifestyle changes, and if needed, important lab testing, like an epigenetics test with a referral to the appropriate health care practitioner.

Trauma Therapy and EMDR for accelerated healing
While your health plan is in motion, we will start to look at your present need as well as spend time learning your history. As I get acquainted with your life experiences, we will explore possible unresolved events that hold you back, as well as unsupportive thoughts that influence your life. It is important to discover if you are listening to your inner knowledge or disregarding these insights. Your beliefs support or sabotage you living clearly.

When we identify past trauma’s or negative thought patterns, we will begin a series of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). Although talk therapy can create insight and awareness as to why we feel or think a certain way, EMDR can help accelerate the healing process, and as a result, clients report feeling a sense of lightness, insight and clarity after EMDR sessions.

Transpersonal Psychotherapy: Mind/Body Spirit
As we help you let go of your past traumas, we will work to create an integrated mind and body experience, which will help you become aware of how your moods and thoughts affect your body. As a result, your inner wisdom will become your new ally. Here we will deepen your self-awareness with meditations, mindfulness exercises and tools to use outside of therapy to assist in internalizing the new positive resources you have developed. This can create a greater sense of connectedness with self, others, nature, and with a higher spirit.

I pull from a variety of modalities in my approach such as:

EMDR is a powerful tool that can assist in healing trauma and alleviating anxiety at a rapid pace. EMDR is a psychotherapy treatment that was originally designed to alleviate the distress associated with traumatic memories (Shapiro, 1989a, 1989b).

Shapiro (1995) hypothesizes that EMDR facilitates the accessing of the traumatic memory network, so that information processing is enhanced, with new associations forged between the traumatic memory and more adaptive memories or information.

For example, if you have experienced an overly upsetting event, the memory, with all the negative emotions and physical contractions experienced with it, can become linked and reactivated in a current event and the past is relived in the present. This means all the upset and physical response of the past experience may interfere with seeing the current event clearly. EMDR removes the emotional charge from the negative memory.

EMDR is also helpful to prepare for surgery, public speaking, or performance anxiety. People who feel stuck, have excess stress that is difficult to regulate, depression, anxiety or restlessness will benefit from EMDR. In addition, some people experience sleep disturbance, fatigue, or ongoing health concerns despite treatment, and EMDR will also assist in these situations. Occasionally, trauma can manifest in panic attacks, flashbacks, obsessions, compulsions, eating disorders or feelings of suicide, again treatment with EMDR will provide relief. Anyone who has ever experienced an upset that they have not recovered from can find relief from EMDR.

EMDR can also assist in the memory network of negative feelings of beliefs. Whether it is from a variation of deficiency beliefs such
as, “I’m not good enough,” “I’m afraid I am too much,” or “I am afraid I am not lovable,” EMDR can process these memories or thoughts and adapt the memory networks into a more truthful and accurate belief as well as create a healthier emotional state.

Energy Healing:
We will use a variety of energy healing protocols, including Invoke and Release™ to further integrate your past, and assist you in letting go of stored trauma held in your body.

Psychodynamic Therapy:
We spend time looking at how your past experiences may be influencing your present life.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy:
We explore your thought process; get to know your inner critic, work on creating a kind, supportive inner voice as well as develop healthier behaviors.

Body Centered and Mindfulness:
We bring awareness and attunement to the body's felt sense with guided visualization, and allow space to explore the present moment.

Transpersonal Psychotherapy:
Integrating the mind, body and spirit to cultivate a greater sense of connectedness with self, others, nature, and with a higher spirit.

Women’s Empowerment:
Increasing a women's sense of ease in areas such as communication, assertiveness, self-esteem, and relationships.
I’m committed to creating safety and confidentiality in our sessions. People from all ethnic and cultural diversities are welcome. When you are ready, feel free to call me, and let me know what I can assist you with.