Hello and welcome!

Honoring you as the expert in your life, we will collaborate together to return you back to your authentic self.

Freedom in being your true self can feel expansive and liberating.

My Specialty
Trauma Therapy, Invoke and Release® and EMDR for accelerated healing
• Energy Healing and Life/ Business Coaching
• Transpersonal Psychotherapy: Mind/Body/Spirit

Since physical health contributes to depression, anxiety, brain fog and fatigue, if we identify some potential body imbalances, we may discuss a referral to the appropriate health care practitioner. 

This will catapult your healing to thrive and have the energy and stamina to do trauma work with more resilience.

While your health plan is in motion with your doctor, we will start to look at your present need as well as spend time learning your history.

As I get acquainted with your life experiences, we will explore possible unresolved events that hold you back, as well as unsupportive thoughts that influence your life. When we identify past trauma’s or negative thought patterns, we will begin trauma healing.

Here are a few of the Trauma protocols we will use to name a few. 

Invoke and Release®, a comprehensive trauma healing protocol that helps reset the nervous system while releasing stored trauma from your body.

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) for accelerated healing.

Brainspotting For nervous system reset. 

AIT (Advanced Integrative Therapy) For chakras.

Tapping (EFT) for meridians. 

Psychodynamic Therapy:
We spend time looking at how your past experiences may be influencing your present life.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy:
We explore your thought process; helping you create a kind, supportive inner voice as well as develop healthier behaviors.

Body Centered and Mindfulness:
We bring awareness to the wisdom of your body, and deepen this resource as a lifetime ally.

Transpersonal Psychotherapy:
Integrating the mind, body and spirit to cultivate a greater sense of connectedness with self, others, nature, and with a higher spirit.

People from all ethnic and cultural diversities are welcome. When you are ready, feel free to call me, and let me know what I can assist you with.