Have you tried therapy before, but feel like you are still struggling with stress,
relationships, and depression?

As a body-centered trauma therapist specializing in EMDR, and my healing modality, Invoke and Release®️, my goal is to help you create an integrated mind and body experience, which will help you become aware of how your thoughts affect your moods, body and your actions.

My background as a certified Holistic Health Coach will assist in recommendations to a health care practitioner when there are physical imbalances that contribute to your psychological mood and well-being.

My experience with a meditation practice and energy work can benefit clients who are interested in ways to manage their stress and anxiety by teaching them mindfulness tools, and quick stress releasing techniques.

We will shine the light on parts of your psyche that may hold you back in life, and create for you a more fulfilling life. As a result, your inner wisdom will become your new ally.

People from all ethnic and cultural diversities are welcome. When you are ready, feel free to call me, and let me know what I can assist you with.

"Freda Salamy is no ordinary psychotherapist. She trained at the California Institute of Integral Studies in which she learned a holistic style of psychotherapy, which integrates the body, mind, and spirit. Beyond the traditional studies of her art, Freda has gathered much knowledge for other trainings and experiences and is always on a path of continual evolvement personally and professionally. She brings to her clients this experience and wisdom from a vast area of study. But beyond her professional training, the true gift that Freda gives to her clients is compassionate listening with active guidance. She helps clients to go deeply into their past traumas and experiences in a non judgmental and gentle way. From here she helps them to release the experiences affect on their physical body, find spiritual and emotional healing in them, and then move out of that space to a new place of freedom and peace in the present moment. Freda is truly the most gifted and compassionate therapist that I have ever referred my patients to. I feel honored to have worked with her professionally. She is a wonderful therapist for anyone who wants to have deep healing and sees healing as an adventure. She will help you to take charge of your healing in order to improve the experiences and quality of your life."

Dr. Gabrielle Francis DC, ND, LAc, Author of “The Rock Star Remedy”
New York City, NY

"Freda is a highly experienced and compassionate psychotherapist skilled in the use of EMDR for accelerated healing from trauma. Over the years, I have referred clients with unresolved trauma to Freda because I know they will get great results enabling them to move forward with their lives. Clients report back high satisfaction in their work with her. I very much trust and respect Freda’s therapy and EMDR work."

Thomas Faupl, MFT, SEP
San Francisco, CA

"Freda Salamy does superb work as a psychotherapist. She is warm, humorous and keenly attuned. She is also an experienced and skilled EMDR practitioner. I highly recommend her."

John J. Prendergast, Ph.D., Author of “In Touch”
San Rafael, CA

"It has been such a pleasure knowing that I can trust my patients to Freda Salamy, MFT. When I am working with a woman who has experienced trauma, I can see that it impacts both her physical and mental well-being. I know that I need help in order to best be able to improve her health and her hormone balance. Freda is the first person I think of for women with a trauma history, and I have complete trust in her abilities with EMDR therapy and her overall knowledge of natural and holistic ways of helping people overcome their past and move forward in life with confidence. The patients I have sent her way always thank me, and I say "Thank you" to Freda for being such a gem!"

Dr. Amy Day, ND, Women's Wellness Expert
Berkeley, CA

"I have found the work of Freda to be a tremendous tool within our treatment strategies in the practice of optimum health here at Enliven Health and Wellness. I have witnessed, through the many patients we share, the healing effects of her work as an EMDR therapist. And as a functional medicine practitioner I am impressed with her nutritional background as well as knowledge and use of important lab test, which can be crucial in effective treatment of mood disorders. I recommended her to all my patients who suffer from such diverse symptoms as anxiety and depression to issues with trauma or weight loss needs."

Bethany Richardson L.Ac., FABORM
San Francisco, CA

"I wish everyone could experience the insight, guidance, wisdom and caring heart of Freda Salamy. Freda was instrumental in coaching me through the most difficult time of my life. She has a unique wisdom along with the education, training and understanding about human behavior and diverse cultural awareness that cuts through the time consuming process of providing background information that I've experienced with other coaches. She simply gets it! This rare insight gave me perspective and tools right away that helped me cope with the painful breakup of my marriage. I feel better equipped to recognize the difference between a healthy and unhealthy relationship and how to effectively communicate my needs. Another of her many unique attributes is her extensive knowledge of health, nutrition and balancing the body as well as the mind. She helped me recognize a potential hormone and thyroid imbalance and recommended I see the appropriate health care practitioner who confirmed this imbalance and started me on the appropriate treatment. I now feel a balance and motivation in my life that has been lacking for a long while. My time with Freda Salamy has been the best investment in myself!"

N.S., Entrepreneur
Palo Alto, CA

"It is with great appreciation and respect that I recommend Freda Salamy as a personal coach/consultant. I credit Freda's coaching with helping me overcome my severe performance anxiety - a complete change from being a shaking, nervous ball of energy with minimal self-confidence to someone who can now regularly perform in front of an audience - and it's fun! Freda's compassionate patience while I worked through my obstacles was so wonderful that I feel confident to recommend her to anyone who needs to make concrete, and specific changes for immediate results. She has the skills and experience to help anyone move through blocks that seem insurmountable. I never thought I could overcome my severe case of nerves and be a "natural" performer, but through my work with Freda, I'm a completely different person, and I could not be more grateful for the change."

T.N.T., COO and Performer
San Francisco, CA

"Freda Salamy is one of the most talented therapists I have the pleasure of working with, and her expertise is evident in her successful work with clients. She cares deeply about her work and her clients, and her spirited manner is unique. Freda is able to provide therapy services with specific skills in EMDR sessions, nutritional help, and neuroscience awareness. Her clients are able to deal with a wide range of problems they are facing, from deeply rooted trauma to personal growth. I have referred clients to Freda knowing they will absolutely receive a compassionate and safe space to heal."

Andrea Cornell, LMFT, Clinical Director for A Home Within
New York City, NY

"I highly recommend Freda and have been referring my clients to her for Psychotherapy for over 10 years. Freda's confidence and kindness puts my clients at ease, allowing them to go to a deeper place for healing in a short time. Her use of EMDR has been especially effective in helping my clients release the physical and emotional repercussions of all kinds of trauma."

Laura Aguiar, Lac, MS., Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist
Berkeley, CA

"Since Freda Salamy, MFT, has expertise in alleviating trauma and use of EMDR, I refer many of my acupuncture clients to her. I hear my clients say she is very easy to talk to; they feel safe and comfortable with her, which creates an easy connection. When my clients come in for their acupuncture treatments, they are less anxious and more confidant, which helps with my clients overall treatment plan."

Kristin Morgenstern M.S., L.Ac. Jade Clinic
Orinda, CA

"Freda has been an invaluable resource in supporting me through a very rough transitional period in my life when I was facing many simultaneous challenges including the end of a long- term marriage. Her work with me was multi-faceted with breakthrough and crisis management, processes nutritional and self-care support, and most of all, her very astute observations, clarity, and coaching. She is a seriously wise and skilled professional that you can trust for help, understanding, and guidance in times of great personal challenge. Freda is my go-to human being whenever life's challenges are a bit overwhelming."

B.B., Consultant
Los Angeles, CA