Working with Freda 
To schedule an appointment or to obtain additional information about any service, please leave a voicemail or an email with good times I can contact you, and I will call you back to discuss how I might be able to assist you. I return calls Monday – Thursday 9am-5pm and Friday 9am- 12pm. My office hours are Monday- Thursday 10am-5pm Pacific time.

How long can I expect to be in therapy?
Every client is different, so therapy varies in duration, intensity and frequency depending on what is presented in therapy. I offer 50- minute sessions and recommend that clients come to a minimum
of one session per week if they are new to therapy, and twice a month if they have had therapy before.

Skype Sessions
I offer international and national Skype or sessions. Online Psychotherapy (within California) and Coaching (outside California). No in-person appointments are available at this time.

Payment Accepted
Fees are payable at the time of service at the beginning of each session. Cash, Checks, Visa or MasterCard.

If you choose bill-pay with your bank and have your check automatically sent to the office, please make your check out to:

Freda Salamy
P.O. Box 13604
La Jolla, CA 92039

If you are living in the state of California, I am considered an out of network provider. If requested, I will send you an insurance reimbursement statement at the end of each month. Please check with your insurance company to understand your coverage for out of network providers.

Insurance and Coaching
Coaching / Consultation sessions are not eligible for insurance reimbursement receipts. If you prefer to see me as your Psychotherapist, and you live in the state of California, I can provide you with an insurance reimbursement receipt at the end of each month. If you live out of the state of California, I am only available as a coach or consultant and can provide you with a non-insurance receipt at the end of each month.