How is psychotherapy different from coaching?

Psychotherapy helps facilitate healing trauma, anxiety or relational issues, and can dramatically improve your psychological and as a result physical well being. Psychotherapy primarily focuses on exploring, understanding, and clearing the past to live freely in the present.

Coaching / Consulting is present and future oriented. With aspirations in mind for your personal or professional life, coaching can help support with goal setting, creating structure and accountability. Between sessions, you may be asked to complete specific actions to support reaching your objectives. Our work will encourage new insights, fresh perspectives and a framework to energize and inspire you to move forward. Consultation is available on topics such as:

• Communication refinement
• Nutritional and Neurotransmitter Health
• Career Advancement
• Vision and Life Purpose
• Develop Leadership Skills and Presence
• Cultivate Loving Relationships
• Work/Life Balance

Skype and Phone Sessions
I offer international and national Skype or Phone sessions.  No in-person appointment available at this time.

Insurance and Coaching
Coaching/Consultation sessions are not eligible for insurance reimbursement receipts. If you prefer to see me as your Psychotherapist, and you live in the state of California, I can provide you with an insurance reimbursement receipt at the end of each month. If you live out of the state of California, I am only available as a coach or consultant and can provide you with a non-insurance receipt at the end of each month.