While we work together, you can expect my education, training, life and work experience to filter through. The following has influenced my orientation to work with the mind, body and spirit. Years of my mindfulness and meditation practice will also shine through while working with you.


MFT License MFC44458
M.A., Integral Counseling Psychology, California Institute of Integral Studies
B.A., Major Clinical Psychology, Minor Holistic Health, San Francisco State University
Holistic Health Life Coaching Certificate, World School

Additional Training
EMDR: Attachment-Focused
EFT Level 1 and 2
Advanced Integrative Therapy
EMDR: Feeling State Addiction Protocol
Nondual Wisdom Conference and Training, Spiritual Bypassing: True Intimacy
and the Challenge of Being Fully Human, CIIS
Lifespan Integration Training, Level 1

New Brain Science Training
• How to Improve The Brain’s Performance At Any Age
• Mindfully rewiring The Brain For Love
• Neurobiology of Pleasure
• Your Brain on Food
• Techniques for Keeping the Brain Healthy
• Neuroplasticity: The Possibilities and Pitfalls
• Nurturing the Developing Mind
• The Emotional Styles of the Brain
• A Brain Informed Approach to Mind/Body Healing

Trauma Training
• Integrating the Body in Trauma Treatment: A Sensorimotor Approach
• How Trauma Affects Intimate Relationships
• Treatment of Trauma
• The Neurobiology of Trauma: How the Brain Experiences Unresolved Trauma
• Guided Imagery for Trauma: Inexpensive, accessible and Effective
• Polyvagal Theory: Why This Changes Everything
• Why You Have to Understand Dissociations to Treat Trauma
• What Neuroscience Teaches us about the Treatment of Trauma

Spirituality and Healing
• From Surgery to Spirituality: The Medicine of Faith, Hope and Joy
• Are Neuro Possibilities Endless?
• Recapturing the Soul of Medicine
• Sexuality and Spirituality
• Going Beyond the Bounds of Reason to Heal Society’s Spirit
• Dark Nights of the Soul: Finding Spiritual Opportunity in Trying Times
• How Preparing for Death Can Help Us Participate in Life
• Where Science and Spirituality Meet
• Healing Words: Why Prayer Is Good Medicine
• Fire in the Soul – Positive Spiritual Practices for Healing

Gender Identity and Gender Variance
Psychotherapeutic Medication
Fibromyalgia: A Guide to Diagnosis and Treatment
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Anger Management
Being and Becoming: Exploring Nondual Wisdom and Psychotherapy
Living Undivided: Exploring Nondual Wisdom and Psychotherapy
Spousal and Partner Abuse: Improving the Health Care Response
HIV and AIDS: A Therapist’s Guide to Treatment and Issues
Aging and Long Term Care
The Gottman Institute, Couples Therapy Level 1
Neurology of Awakening: The Nondual Brain
Nondual Inquiry Group, Prendergast
EMDR Advanced Clinical Workshop, Alliant International University
Training in Transpersonal Psychology (Jung), Diagnosis, DBT, Mindfulness, Expressive Arts, New Perspectives Center for Counseling
EMDR Training Level 1&2, Alliant International University
Group Sensitivity Training, Pierce Street Counseling Center